Walk Your Why emerged from the personal and professional journey of transformational coach Thom Harrison. Walk Your Why is an enterprise of AlterECO, a business Thom founded in 1997 in response to a spiritual download – an awakened dream – that inspired him to create a company by this name that honored and advanced the concepts of Ecology, Compassion, and Oneness. Until this time, most of Thom’s work and educational experience had been in the construction industry – including COO & Chief Designer for a custom architectural products company (Custom Precast), advanced studies in ecological design (SFIA), and an exploration in consensus-based leadership in an innovative natural building company, (Vital Systems) as well as early involvement in game-changing organizations such as the USGBC & Bcorporation.net that were taking root in the late 1990s.

What materialized from Thom’s professional experience – as met by this “heaven-sent” idea of AlterECO – was an ecological interior design and cabinetry firm (BambooCabinets.com). “Ecology” would be directly addressed by the environmentally- responsible materials and methods; “Compassion” would be the basis for the customer service model, and “Oneness” (it gradually became clear) was what this business – and everything else in the Universe – is ultimately all about: we only need awaken to that truth.

As the years passed, a philosophy unfolded from the word AlterECO and brought increasing awareness that, though the intention of the design business was pure, there was a deeper motivation, a higher purpose that needed to be tapped. And there was a tremendous amount of personal baggage to let go of. Years of searching led Thom right back where he started: to his own alterECO. He realized that the message he received was – more precisely – to be guided by his one true self; that ultimate inner guide that affirmed him as an integral, critical part of the overall Ecology of all life; called him to give and live from a place of Compassion; and reminded him to feel, honor and promulgate the vital truth of Oneness. He had met his alterECO and began to hear the call to share his insight, this guiding light, with others. Though stumbling aplenty, he was beginning to consciously walk his why. 

Thom also became aware – in working with numerous homeowners during the interior design process – that he had a knack for quickly developing a strong rapport, garnering the trust of his customers, mediating arguments between spouses, calming tensions, and guiding clients through an inspiring, enjoyable approach that led to truly fulfilling solutions. Realizing that working with people to co-create outstanding results through an uplifting, caring, empowering process had always been important to the work he undertook, Thom was beginning to understand that his highest guide, his alterECO, had been whispering to him all along. And he knew that actually paying conscious attention to that guidance – more fully awakening to this calling – would be transformational.

Thom was ready to wake-up and pay attention,… if only there were not so many obstacles, so many inner blocks that kept getting him stuck in doubt and fear. “Why would I be anxious about following this inner guidance?”, he wondered. “Why would stuff get in the way when I know the message I’m hearing is ‘Walk Your Why!’” Such unsettling feelings, such seemingly unanswerable questions, began a new chapter in the unfolding new story of Thom’s life. 

And thus began a multi-year journey of intentionally doing the “inner work” and developing new structures with mentors already influential in Thom’s life as well as deep dive coaching adventures with Derek Rydall, Bill Baren, and Christian Mickelsen, and programs offered by Ryan Eliason, Eben Pagan, Brendon Burchard, Callan Rush, Josh Turner and others. It became increasingly clear that having a strong inner guide (a vibrant alterECO!) is vital: even being overwhelmed by good stuff feels like overwhelm and can have the opposite effects desired without being awake to Why along the way.

Intimately connected with Thom’s Why are the ongoing, profoundly life-changing experiences he is blessed with as a deeply engaged volunteer and community leader for Pachamama Alliancean organization of deep importance to humanity that is dear to his heart and totally aligned with his mission that will continue to shape his life and work. 

Thom is dedicated to the mission of awakened business, where the spirit of commerce in each enterprise is guided by a profound Why that is aligned with Ecology, Compassion, and Oneness… helping bring forth a thriving, just and sustainable human presence on this planet.

Perhaps needless to say… Thom loves to Walk! He stimulates his mind, body & spirit walking the numerous trails near his home at the edge of the Marin Headlands in Northern California,  plays recreational tennis, sails whenever the opportunity blows in, and invests lots of time joyously connecting in meaningful ways through his professional and volunteer activities.

All in preparation for Thom to walk the Why that has long called him: to inspire and guide you to Walk Your Why!