You are Here. Now take a bow!



for a moment –

and celebrate!

You made it!

You succeeded!

In spite of so-called “fate”.

You’ve sailed oceans of hope and love

and climbed mountains of doubt and fear,

and now you’ve surely arrived:

You – are – here!

But wait.

Before you laugh and snort, “so what?!”

Step up,

and breathe,

and take a grateful bow!

For ’til you know

you’re here –

you’ll be lost in the void

‘tween “where?” and  “how?”

Take heart

and know

you are here –

right now –

in the only space that matters.

Step up,  

and take a bow!

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Lauri McKean says April 20, 2017

Hi Thom! Just read through all of you blogs and found them to be very heart-centered, beautiful and inspiring. “Take a Bow” is my favorite – so simple and so much truth. Thank you for blessing us with your insights and presence.

    Thom says April 20, 2017

    Thank you Lauri! I so appreciate your feedback and encouragement!

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