Stop the IRS in Our Tracks!

  • August 8, 2017

Do you ever feel it would be so much easier to Walk Your Why if life just wasn’t so taxing?

Oh how easy to ingest the BS that “life” is a regressive withholding tax! As if the IRS – our personal Internal REVENGE Service – was always lying in wait at the door, ready to trip us up when we begin to step outside our comfort zone. And so we blindly fight against it. Or we just stop opening the door. And just sit inside and bitch at the inner tax collector. And we stay broke. And keep feeling broken. The Truth forgotten. The truth that the heavy tax we pay comes in the way we withhold life from ourselves. The Truth that Life itself makes us tax exempt!

Life does not happen to us. When we feel taxed, life is not levying a penalty on us. Rather, we feel taxed by the inner conflicts that rage within – our personal over-staffed, over-funded, over-whelming Internal Revenge Service! The revenge within prevents us from feeling the calming flow of life that is always at the ready to dissolve any debris that might drop on the path, like hail falling into a hot spring!

Life happens through us. When we feel relaxed, life is not rewarding us or just giving us an occasional break from taxation! Rather, we are feeling the relaxing flow of life, because the inner conflicts inside have subsided. Our IRS is on vacation! We need only awaken to the fact that life is always there, always flowing, always allowing, always waiting for us to fully embrace it.

We can walk faithfully on the water of Life. Life will never cause us to drown. Life will never cause us lose our way. We must we simply keep walking – knowing that Life is the current moving through us and as is.

It is time to step over the thresholds where our IRS lies in wait and leap boldly into our Inner Haven, where Life flows with abandon, and the pain of taxation dissolves into inspired relaxation. This is to relax into our true selves, where conflicts are dissolved by the faithful actions of simply Walking Our Why. Goodbye IRS, Goodbye!

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